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Butchers Coppice site map


Stour Valley Way & Castleman Trailway – local walks starting nearby

Orienteering Course ALPHA

Orienteering Course ALPHA half size

Orienteering Course ALPHA reversed

Orienteering Course BRAVO

Orienteering Course BRAVO half size

Orienteering Course BRAVO reversed

Orienteering Course CHARLIE

Orienteering Course CHARLIE half size

Orienteering Course CHARLIE reversed

Orienteering Course DELTA

Orienteering Course DELTA half size

Orienteering Course DELTA reversed

Picture Treasure Hunt 1

Picture Treasure Hunt 2


wildlife garden – British Birds

wildlife garden – Creepy Crawlies

wildlife garden – British Trees

wildlife garden – Creatures & Critters


party checklist – don’t get caught out… use our party checklist to help plan every detail

party invites – use our birthday party invites to spread the word


Planning Your Stay – information to help you plan your visit to Butchers Coppice

Where’s the Nearest – information about where to find things you might need during your stay


acceptance of risk form – to be completed by all adults taking part in adventurous activities

air rifle/pistol shooting declaration form – to be completed for all young people taking part in air rifle/pistol shooting

trampoline safety – information for groups looking to use the ground level trampolines


Jubilee Centre – what you’ll find in the kitchen in the Jubilee Centre

Dad Atkins Centre – what you’ll find in the kitchen in the Dad Atkins Centre


Scout Association Safeguarding Policy & Procedures

Scout Association Safety Policy

Scout Association Equal Opportunities Policy

Scout Association Complaints Policy

Scout Association Volunteer Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy & Procedures

Scout Association Whistleblowing Policy & Procedures

Scout Association Data Protection Policy

Scout Association Data Retention Policy

Scout Association Privacy Policy

Scout Association Recruitment & Selection Policy

Butchers Coppice Scout Camp CCTV Policy


Scout Association Public Liability Insurance

Butchers Coppice Employers Liability Insurance


these are our risk assessments – it is important that you undertake your own risk assessment prior to taking part in any activity at Butchers Coppice because risks will be different for different groups due to a number of factors including the age and ability of your group – you are also better placed to know the individuals in your group; their characteristics and needs


Risk Assessment – Adventure Playground

Risk Assessment – Agility Trail

Risk Assessment – Burma Rope Bridge

Risk Assessment – Campfire Circle, Firelighting Area, BBQ’s/Bonfires

Risk Assessment – Low Team Challenges (Low Ropes)

Risk Assessment – Orienteering & the Picture Treasure Hunt

Risk Assessment – Pioneering

Risk Assessment – Trampolines


Risk Assessment – Abseiling & Climbing, the Climbing Complex

Risk Assessment – Air Rifle Shooting, the Centenary Hut

Risk Assessment – Archery, the Archery Range

Risk Assessment – Auto Belay Climbing, the Climbing Complex

Risk Assessment – Auto Belay Crate Stacking

Risk Assessment – Bubbleball

Risk Assessment – Bushcraft

Risk Assessment – Cavebus

Risk Assessment – Fencing

Risk Assessment – High Ropes (all elements including Zip Wire and Powerfan)

Risk Assessment – Low Team Challenges (Low Ropes)

Risk Assessment – Medium Team Challenges (Medium Ropes)

Risk Assessment – Teambuilding & Initiative Challenges

Risk Assessment – Tomahawk Throwing, the Tomahawk Throwing Range


Risk Assessment – Butchers Coppice Caravan

Risk Assessment – Centenary Hut

Risk Assessment – Dad Atkins Centre

Risk Assessment – Explorer Centre

Risk Assessment – Games Room

Risk Assessment – Jubilee Centre

Risk Assessment – the Shack


Risk Assessment – use of external areas