our two ground level trampolines provide fun and exercise for all ages and are suitable for young people with special needs

up to three participants can use the trampolines at the same time – one on the smaller rectangular trampoline and up to two on the larger round trampoline

there is a waiting area so you can take a larger group to the trampolines and switch the young people around so that everyone gets their turn

trampolines can be extremely dangerous – it’s essential that this activity is properly supervised at all times by an appropriate adult – download our trampolines safety information for further information

what you need to know…

  • this is a self-supervised activity
  • you can book this activity for up to two hours per day under our fair use policy
  • the minimum age limit for this activity is 6 years of age

important points to note…

  • pre-booking is essential – BOOK NOW and we’ll make all the arrangements for you
  • the trampoline area is not lit so activity sessions can only take place during daylight hours
  • this activity can only take place in dry conditions
  • no equipment is needed
  • participants will remove their footwear when using the trampolines and should be wearing old outdoor activity clothing suitable for the weather conditions
  • this activity does not require a qualified instructor – any appropriate adult can oversee this activity
  • you must provide at least one adult to supervise each activity group – you remain responsible for the supervision and pastoral care of your group at all times
  • you must complete your own risk assessment prior to taking part in this activity taking the age, experience and individual needs of your group in to consideration – copies of our risk assessments are available on request
  • adults taking part in this activity must complete an acceptance of risk form