orienteering is a sport involving a race against the clock to seek out waymarkers using a map

we have four orienteering courses set out around the site so you can split your group down in to pairs or small groups and send them all off in different directions to find the waymarkers applicable to their map

because you can send your teams off with different maps they can’t copy each other!

you can either give them one of our course maps (courses A-D) and send them off to find the waymarkers or, if you want to do it properly, you can give them a blank map to start with, let them see a copy of their course, let them transfer the waymarker points from your main map on to their own blank map then set them off to find the waymarkers… this tests their ability to copy the information over accurately as well as their ability to seek out the waymarkers!

download orienteering course A

download orienteering course B

download orienteering course C

download orienteering course D

important points to note…

  • participants should be wearing sensible footwear (no flip-flops, high heels or open-toed footwear) and old outdoor activity clothing suitable for the weather conditions
  • you must provide at least one adult to supervise each activity group – you remain responsible for the supervision and pastoral care of your group at all times
  • you must complete your own risk assessment prior to taking part in this activity taking the age, experience and individual needs of your group in to consideration – copies of our risk assessments are available on request