Fire Lighting

no camp is complete without a fire!

  • there is no charge for this activity


every individual camping area on the site has it’s own fire area, a concrete base where you can build your fire directly on to the floor

if you prefer, we have a number of alter fires, stands and fire grids – particularly useful if you plan to cook over an open fire

the site has a well-stocked wood pile at the Duck Lane entrance to the field, mainly comprising of pallet wood

if you want to practice fire lighting as a skill we have a firelighting area, specifically designed to teach young people how to build and light a fire

if you’re looking to have a sing-song around an open fire then why not use our campfire circle, the perfect venue for some outdoor entertainment!

what you need to know…

  • this is a self supervised activity
  • fire can be dangerous and destructive – don’t build your fire too big and make sure your group receive a full briefing before you start and have a bucket of water or other means of bringing your fire back under control or extinguishing it if needed – always have a first aid kit handy

important points to note…

  • pre-booking is essential – BOOK NOW and we’ll make all the arrangements for you
  • you must provide at least one adult to supervise each activity group – you remain responsible for the supervision and pastoral care of your group at all times
  • you must complete your own risk assessment prior to taking part in this activity taking the age, experience and individual needs of your group in to consideration – copies of our risk assessments are available on request