Burma Rope Bridge

our Burma Rope Bridge kit, for the more experienced pioneers, will provide hours of entertainment!

  • there is no charge for this activity

the Burma Rope Bridge kit is a self-supervised pioneering project recommended for those with pioneering experience

the kit includes a pre-assembled rope bridge which you need to attach at either end to an A-frame made from pioneering poles – you need to bring your own rope to attach the rope bridge kit to the A-frames

stakes and a sledgehammer are provided to firmly attach the structure to the ground as tension is required to ensure the bridge doesn’t touch the ground when participants reach the middle

a sufficiently experienced adult must check the structure fully before allowing young people to use it to ensure that it has been constructed safely

this is not a ‘quick to assemble’ kit – you should allow at least half a full day, ideally a full day, to construct the Burma Rope Bridge and allow time for the young people to use it before packing it back down


important points to note…

  • pre-booking is essential – BOOK NOW and we’ll make all the arrangements for you
  • the pre-assembled rope bridge kit, stakes and a sledgehammer are provided – you need to bring your own rope to attach the rope bridge kit to A-frames at either end
  • this activity should be supervised by a sufficiently experienced adult
  • you must provide at least one adult to supervise each activity group – you remain responsible for the supervision and pastoral care of your group at all times
  • you must complete your own risk assessment prior to taking part in this activity taking the age, experience and individual needs of your group in to consideration – copies of our risk assessments are available on request