Even More!

in addition to our bigger activities there’s plenty of little extra’s you can include in your programme whatever the weather





if you’re looking for something to do inside why not look at visiting our games room our our Bournemouth Scout Museum, try your hand at badge making, complete our wordsearch our play with the giant games


if you’re looking for something to do outside why not have a volleyball match, try some fire lighting or orienteering, try one of our picture treasure hunts, visit the wildlife garden, play some football or rounders or, if you’re feeling very adventurous, try building the Burma Rope Bridge


important points to note…

  • pre-booking is essential – BOOK NOW and we’ll make all the arrangements for you
  • all equipment is provided
  • these activities are self-supervised
  • you must provide at least one adult to supervise each activity group – you remain responsible for the supervision and pastoral care of your group at all times
  • you must complete your own risk assessment prior to taking part in these activities taking the age, experience and individual needs of your group in to consideration – copies of our risk assessments are available on request