Explorer Centre

named after the Explorer Scouts in the town who inspired the building, the Explorer Centre was opened in 2013 and is the base for the Genesis Explorer Scout Unit


the Explorer Centre is set in the copse area of the site, close to the Jubilee Centre, and includes a main hall, kitchen and single toilet with the main toilet and shower block just across the way – tables and chairs are provided along with whiteboards

this centre is ideal for meetings and as a training venue or as an additional indoor facility for campers

there is the potential to sleep up to 20 visitors on your own camp beds, air beds or roll mats on the floor in the main hall although there is no segregation or a means to block out sunlight from windows or the skylights in the roof so this centre is not ideally suited for overnight accommodation except for groups looking to stop over for a night who aren’t too worried about comforts

the Explorer Centre has full WiFi access, thermostatically controlled electric heating and access for disabled visitors



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